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Marriage is the union of two individuals and this union can be best described in the quote of following: “Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one,”Wedding is a dream for every single person. It is a wonderful and lovely idea to get married. And hence, marriage should be well planned and organized. If the wedding is organized, wedding decoration is the focal Point of attention, because they help dictate the overall feel and environment of the wedding ceremony and reception. If you have good decorations, the guests will feel good and be impressed.
Need a quick idea to dress up a wonderful wedding? Our decorations are just what you need.
Livingstone balloon factory located in Taipei area, we offer the finest balloon and flower decoration in North Taiwan area at any competitive prices. With years of experience, we can help you to make this moment even more magical and unforgettable. We offer a wide selection of balloon and flower decoration options with the highest quality products and excellent customer service you need for any theme wedding parties or corporate events, grand opening, birthday party, proms, graduation, year ending party and any special occasion. When you make an appointment with us, we will provide and on-site designer for your convenience. We have worked with clients on all size events with all size budgets. We can help you make your event memorable, beautiful, and unique.
If you can image it, we can decorate it! You name it, we’ll try it!
In order to be able to answer all your needs in the field of decorations,Please take the time to looks around our website and feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a home or venue visit.
活石 最棒的婚禮氣球和花藝的佈置公司
婚姻就是兩個人的結合  “ 兩個靈魂 卻相同的思維 , 兩顆心 有著如一的脈動 ”  正是婚姻最好的寫照。
是每一個單身男女的夢想 ,安排完美及有計劃的婚禮佈置 ,不單單吸引人的焦點也能夠將婚禮營造出讓賓客最難忘的氣氛及回憶 。

需要這樣的點子及非常棒的婚禮嗎? 活石 婚禮&氣球&花藝佈置就是妳需要的。

活石 婚禮&氣球&花藝坐落於台北地區,我們提供最細緻的氣球和花藝佈置,但卻最合理的價格;多年的經驗,我們可為妳(你)營造出一個奇幻且令人難忘的時刻,各種不同但品質高級的佈置加上熱忱的服務態度,我們不但在主提式婚禮上也可在妳(你)的舞會、生日宴客 、開幕式、記者會、畢業典禮、尾牙餐會等的各種特殊場合,作出讓妳(你)滿意且讓人難忘美麗又獨一的會場佈置 。

活石 婚禮&氣球&花藝提供專業且專人的服務 ,可到現場解說 , 任何妳(你)有限的預算 我們都可為妳(你)設計出 妳(你)想要的佈置。

妳(你)們的構想,我們都能為妳(你)們佈置,告訴我們 就幫妳(你)完成。
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